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Narendra K Ram

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

about me

  • 🐺27 years old
  • 🇮🇳From India
  • Full Stack Designer
  • 📊Discretionary Trader
  • 🚶Atleast 10k steps everyday


  • 📈Financial Trader
    Jan 2023 - Present
  • 🎯Freelance Designer
    Dec 2020 - Present
  • 🏢Aroliant Internet Private Limited
    Co-founder & Frontend Developer
    Apr 2018 - Dec 2020


my tech skills

  • 🌐Frontend Development
    Aroliant Developer Certified
  • Udacity Certified
  • ❄️Logo Design
    Creating visual brand mark.
  • 📃Templates Design
    Pixel-perfect templates from scratch.
  • 💻Full Stack Design
    From Research to the end product.
  • 🛒Start an Online Store
    E-commerce Expert
  • 🖊️Content Writing
    Blog posts, technical writing, etc.
  • 🔎SEO Optimization
    Backlinks, keyword planning, etc.
  • 🎥Video Editing & Visual Effects
    I know just a little something.
  • 🖥️PC Building
    Build your own PC

📧 To hire 🔒

tools i built