HappyWalk - A brand new online Orthopedic Footwear Store

March 4, 2021

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I recently helped setup an orthopedic footwear store on Shopify, which is focused on providing product-based solutions for all kinds of 👣 foot pain problems.

Here is what they do; if you are having pain problems with your feet, you can book a free consult with a podiatrist or a doctor via Happywalk, after you submit the required details via Happywalk diagnose center, you will get a call or an email suggesting a best suitable solution, which in this case a footwear or an orthopedic footwear accessory that helps you get rid of foot pain. Sounds easy right? An orthopedic footwear accessory could be a diabetic gel insole or a heel cup which you can use in your existing footwear without having to buy a new footwear. Since users are treated/diagnosed by certified medical professionals, users can shop with confidence. Happywalk also sells diabetic footwear for people with diabetes.

Happywalk is a startup based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu; run by co-founders Gunasekar Selvaraj & Priyanga Devi. 🎯 They aim to become a trusted and helpful shopping platform for online orthopedic buyers. They have footwear products to treat the problems such as Achilles Pain, Ankle Pain, Arch Pain, Forefoot Pain, Heel Pain, Knee Pain, Flat Foot, Bunions, etc.

The startup also makes YouTube videos and blog posts for their customers to help them understand and make confident choices when they shop at Happywalk.

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